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This series of books is an introduction to the lands of Delorian there are two books an intoduction and its sequel.

To the Magical Pond

Enter a land where dwarves, elves, dragons, and pixies live.

Yet in this land lies a problem in a small town. An evil witch has cursed all the children except for one. You Barrydale must set out on an adventure and find the magical pond, which carries the cure to the curse. The journey will take cunning skills and wise decisions, for this witch will do everything in her power to prevent you from succeeding.

Good luck and may you find a way to help the children of Vandor!

The Helpless Pixie

Barrydale celebrated to early in saving the children of his town in "Book 1 To the Magical Pond". His master Wiserid falls very ill shortly after.
A pixie who are the creators of magic and the stablizers of good and evil in the Lands of Delorian is in grave danger. He is caged with powerful and evil dark magic. Nevertheless the pixie fights to stay alive by using Wiserids strength and magic telepathetically, the reason why Wiserid is sick and weak. You Barrydale must save both the pixie and your master Wiserid for the sake of the lands and your apprenticeship. The journey will be dangerous as you face many challenges. Do you have the strength and courage to succeed? Good luck and may your partner Sparky and your talking staff Riddledido help guide the way.
The Shadow's Rage is book 1 to a 3 book trilogy in the Lands of Delorian.

The Shadow's Rage

There has been 500 years of peace and harmony in the Lands of Delorian, until your hometown of Vandor is mysteriously destroyed. The assailants left no traces of their presence, or any evidence for you to find. Oddly, your master Markinson, a Paladin serving King Harnisch the IV has not returned home. As the soul survivor you set out on a wild adventure to find your missing master and answers to the mysterious destruction of Vandor.

The Testing

Imagine a land that can be restored and saved from hate, jealousy, and evil. The lands of Delorian is far from this, but can be recovered in the hands of the Delorian Empire by one man. You are selected as the Chosen One who is to fight the evil Shadow Force that has silently lurked upon your lands. Are you able to solve riddles and answer questions, make brave and wise decisions? Then this adventure is calling for you. Book two of the Delorian Series will allow you to make you own decisions and offer great pleasure and fun. Start now before it is to late!

The Final Victory

The lands of Delorian is in Shadow Forces hands, except for a small town that had proved resistants to the ongoing attacks of Shadow Knights. As you gather quickly the remaining Delorian Knights and allies you press forward to reclaim the kings lands. In the end there will only be one ruler. Can you the one chosen by the Paladin's God and change the shift of the war to lead the Delorian Empire to a Final Victory? If so then hurry before it is to late as the final chapter waits for you!